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[ Action Post - Announcement and Letter to Graduates ]


Today, as of 12 noon, all seniors would have gone through graduation. As for the rest of the student body, today would have been their last day of the school year. All graduates will be invited to the clichedbook community later today and the claims list will be updated to show all student and alumni grade/year changes.

The new school year is set to start March 11th

Letter to Graduates

[OOC: by the time all Seniors returned home from the graduation ceremony this morning the following letter should be awaiting them. ]

Dear Panbakmoon Alumni,
Congratulations, class of 2013! You have successfully finished your final year of high school. As you heads of staff, we have enjoyed the presence of all of you at this school for the past 4 years (and in some cases fewer) and the three of us hope to see your faces around the school even though you're no longer a student. That includes school functions and the likes. I'm sure your teachers would agree that it'd be nice to see and keep in touch with all of you as you start your journey into the world outside Panbakmoon's doors.


Your Principal and Vice Principal, Mukip and Pikachu.
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