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Clichéd High School
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Today, as of 12 noon, all seniors would have gone through graduation. As for the rest of the student body, today would have been their last day of the school year. All graduates will be invited to the clichedbook community later today and the claims list will be updated to show all student and alumni grade/year changes.

The new school year is set to start March 11th

Letter to Graduates

[OOC: by the time all Seniors returned home from the graduation ceremony this morning the following letter should be awaiting them. ]

Dear Panbakmoon Alumni,
Congratulations, class of 2013! You have successfully finished your final year of high school. As you heads of staff, we have enjoyed the presence of all of you at this school for the past 4 years (and in some cases fewer) and the three of us hope to see your faces around the school even though you're no longer a student. That includes school functions and the likes. I'm sure your teachers would agree that it'd be nice to see and keep in touch with all of you as you start your journey into the world outside Panbakmoon's doors.


Your Principal and Vice Principal, Mukip and Pikachu.
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Any questions may be directed to Hiko at #minorhiccup
13th-Dec-2012 10:47 pm - Announcements!

Your friendly Electric Pokemon here with a few announcements!

CSAT Scores will be delivered to the homes of the seniors tomorrow, December 14th. I hope you all got the scores you were hoping for!

Winter Break will begin on Wednesday, December 19th. Classes will resume on Monday, January 7th.

Final Exams for Seniors are decided by the professors and are to be taken either this week or the first two weeks after break.
Final Exams for Underclassmen are set to be taken next month - another announcement will be made as we approach the dates.

Graduation is set to take place on Tuesday, February 15th. Again, another announcement will be made as the date approaches.

That is all! Thank you for your time, everyone!
- VP Pikachu
17th-Nov-2012 08:22 pm - OOC Announcement
oh sh--, falling

Ladies and Gents this is your Mod speaking.

I'm putting aside my Pikachu costume to come to you as myself, a fellow mun. I am no super human, I'm not perfect nor am I anywhere as mature as I should be for my age. I come here to officially state that we are in Group PSL mode. My co-mod has disappeared again and with the decline of LiveJournal RPGs I lack the motivation to keep this community going as a full blown active community. So I have made the executive decision to shift the community slightly into a Group PSL - but I would like your opinions on this as well before any actual changes will be made.

Honestly, we've been around for two years now! That's something to be proud of! I do not plan on abandoning this community though. I'm too personally attached to this home and the characters I have here to be able to do that to any of you. That being said, I will list the changes that I hope to make. I would like to have your input and I will be approaching people individually over AIM or through PM for that, but I also encourage comments to be made here on this post. With any luck, I'll be implementing the changes at the beginning of December.

Things that will be kept in the game:

  • The basic rules of the Community (listed here) will remain the same - specifically the following sections:

    • Keep It Cliched

    • IC =|= OOC

    • Be Respectful

    • Plots

  • The application process (here) will remain the same

  • The Holds process (here) will remain the same

  • The AIM Activity warning system listed in the Activity section of the rules will remain the same but will actually be enforced. (A/N: This will is subject to change, most likely based on individual circumstances)
  • Hiatuses and Drops are still to be posted in the OOC community. We may be a Group PSL now, but we are a moderated Group PSL.

  • All Communities attached to this one (OOC, Thread and ClichedBook) will remain part of the game and are encouraged to be used!

  • We will continue to be an Open Community this means anyone can join whether they're friends of current muns or strangers. You do not need my permission to bring people into the community. I will even occasionally advertise for PSLers that wish to have a home like ours and I encourage you to seek out people to bring in through advertisements as well. The more the merrier!

Things that will be removed from the game:

  • Activity Check

    • This does not mean that you don't use your journals. The journals will remain as an open line of communication from you to me as well as your characters with each other and mun to mun communication.

    • Journal posts will still be encouraged. As are Community Threads, and ClichedBook updates.

    • You are encouraged to add all members of the community to your friends list, however it is mandatory that my mod journal (the Modkachu account) and the communities be added to your friends lists.

Things that will be added to the game:

  • The Claims List will be moved back over to the main community and will be given its own post entirely to enable people to hover over the journal icons and add everyone one by one like that instead of having to manually click on each journal and add them (thank you LJ for making life hell by removing the mass friends add -.-).

27th-Oct-2012 05:12 pm - Announcement : CSATs
chu♥, i love you

October is almost over! This is a friendly reminder for all Seniors that your CSATs are in two weeks already! Hopefully your calendars have already been marked for quite a while, ne?! November 8th! Don't forget it!

On the day of the exam, school will be start late (10:30 as opposed to the usual 8) for the rest of the student body and all Seniors will have the following day off from school.

Good luck, Seniors!!

- VP Pikachu
26th-Sep-2012 12:29 pm - School Bulletin
chu♥, i love you

Good afternoon everyone! This is your favorite Electric Pokemon here to deliver an important announcement!

The Chuseok holiday is almost upon us and that means we will be having a break! Break will begin tomorrow, September 27th. Classes will resume on Wednesday, October 3rd.

We hope that you have an enjoyable Cuseok Holiday!

- V.P Pikachu
17th-Sep-2012 12:53 am - School Bulletin
oh sh--, falling

This is a test of the Emergency Service Broadcas-- Oh... WHAT?! This ISN'T a test?!

Okay kids, a typhoon is en route for Seoul this afternoon (Monday, September 17th 2012). If it's anything like the last one, then there will be power outages again and other disastrous things. All schools in Seoul will be closed both Monday and Tuesday. This will be adjusted depending on how the storm actually effects Seoul IRL.
13th-Sep-2012 02:53 pm - Cuts
waylt, sadness

Here's the list of muses cut from the community. We're sorry to see all of you go! To update your friends list, please go here! The claims list and AIM buddylist download will be updated shortly.

Ok Taecyeon
Jay Park
Lee Sunkyu (Sunny)
Henry Lau
Tiffany Hwang
Jo Kwon
Kim Soohyun
Im Jinah (Nana)
Son Naeun
Oh Sehun

If there's a mistake or you'd like to reclaim your muse please comment here!

Also, remember that if your muse is on reserve by someone else, you have a week from today to stake your reclaim over the muse otherwise, I will be notifying the mun who has that muse on reserve to see if they wish to claim him/her.
7th-Sep-2012 02:11 pm - An Announcement and Activity Check

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, this is your resident Electric Pokemon reporting. I have an announcement to make before carrying on with this month's activity check.

As many of you have probably noticed, our community has recently experienced a mass exodus, that is, a dramatic number of people leaving in a short amount of time. As much as this has saddened both Mudkip and myself, we have decided not to become discouraged about this decline, instead we shall Keep Calm and Carry On. This community has always been a relaxed and welcoming one, as you all can attest, I'm sure and we'd like to keep it that way for as long as this community remains open and alive, which brings me to my next point.

In the spirit of keeping this community alive, we have a plan set in place for those who like this community enough to stick around. After this month's cuts it will be decided as to whether we will remain as we are, or follow through with this plan. What is the plan exactly? Well, to put it simply, we will be converting our modding, and in turn playing, style to that of a Group PSL. What this means is that there will still be the community infrastructure, but there will be no activity check instead there will be a head count system as we once had before. There will be other minor changes, but nothing scary, so don't be alarmed.

Once cuts have been posted, and a decision has been made, I will make a post explaining the changes that are being made (or will be made if we're not shifting over just yet). This post, will most likely require your input, so please keep and eye out for it and reply.

That is all for now… On to Activity Check!

You all have until 10PM (EST), Wednesday, September 12th to complete the check. After that time, cuts will be posted.

Activity check can be met through the following means...

- ONE(1) journal entry and FIVE(5) comments to other students/staff member's entries
- TWO(2) journal entries posted to your own journal
- ONE (1) log or thread posted to the RP Comm

Alumni and Teachers have the following additional options using clichedbook...

- TWO(2) discussion threads
- FOUR(4) status updates
- TWO(2) status updates and ONE(1) discussion thread
- any combination of ALL options so long as you at least have TWO (2) things posted (e.g. one entry and two status updates, one entry and one thread, etc)

Fill out the form below to complete the activity check!

Students and Staff: Did you not meet the quota? Fill the excuse paper! I'm sorry. This means you have to sign up for detention. What a way to start of the new school year, tsk.
Alumni: Did you fail to meet the quota too? I'm ashamed of you. You've just volunteered yourself to help out around the school without pay. We'll appreciate your help greatly.

Exempt muses:
Those who claimed on or after August 15th
Lee Kikwang
Jung Eunji

All muses on Hiatus or exempt for special circumstances
Kim Taehee
Jang Geunsuk
Lee Sungmin
Song Qian (Victoria)

As always, if you have any questions, please ask them in this post instead of here, so this entry doesn't get cluttered. :)
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